The Foundation

Who we are

The Cellnex Foundation responds to Cellnex Telecom’s firm will to go one step further in contributing to a better connected and socially inclusive environment as part of a comprehensive initiative that embodies the company’s commitment to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

Why was the Cellnex Foundation created?

The Foundation has been conceived as a dynamic tool at the service of society with the mission of contributing to the transformation of realities:

Taking advantage of the knowledge generated and the resources available in the corporation, aimed at promoting changes in people’s lives and the environment in a meaningful way, especially with and for people in situations of special social vulnerability.

Using connectivity effectively as a key component for intervention, working to improve the inclusion of people in an increasingly connected environment, while actively working to build sustainable actions that have a positive impact on people’s lives and the environment.

The Cellnex Foundation was created with the aim of achieving an active presence in all the countries in which Cellnex Telecom operates.


We work to ensure that persons and territories are connected in a meaningful way and that this connectivity helps to transform their reality. We develop our activity as a committed, social, inclusive and innovative entity.


Our goal is to use technology to bring people closer to the idea of promoting effective, meaningful and universal connectivity to help bridge the digital, social and territorial gaps.

Founding Values:

Responsibility, Commitment, Sustainability, Innovation, Humility, Diversity

Our mission and values are aligned with three of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform the world through education, building resilient infrastructure and innovation.

Pillars of contribution

They make up our main line of action. They are focused on the rural environment and on responding to the challenges arising from the existing gaps. Their aim is to contribute to improving social and territorial cohesion and the quality of life of people living in areas with low connectivity.
We carry out projects in collaboration with other strategic agents to promote joint actions aligned with the Foundation’s mission and focused on generating a positive impact on the environment.
We involve Cellnex workers, their families and former collaborators in volunteering initiatives aimed at accompanying people and improving the environment through different activities, such as training and education, employability and access to technology.
We occasionally finance projects aligned with our mission and carried out by other entities.