Technology and connectivity at the service of society

The Foundation’s Purpose

The Cellnex Foundation has been conceived as a dynamic tool to promote Cellnex‘s social commitment and to provide differential value through actions aimed at people and based on technological connectivity solutions, aligned with the company’s business model.

The Foundation’s efforts target people in different circumstances: individuals disconnected from the digital world -specially youth-, and in situations of vulnerability, such as people with disabilities and people with low employability.

We work to remove social inequalities, encourage functional and gender diversity, reduce territorial imbalances, and promote entrepreneurship and talent development.

Our Mission

We bring technology closer to people to promote effective connectivity to help reduce the digital, social and territorial divide.



We tackle imbalances and consequent social inequalities 


We reduce, through connectivity, isolation and inequality in rural areas and complex urban environments


We address social, gender and functional diversity inequities by promoting connectivity solutions that improve people’s quality of life

Our social contribution model is based on four pillars:

Own programs

led by the Foundation. They constitute our main line of action

Joint programs

in collaboration with strategic agents
Corporate volunteering
involving employees and former collaborators
Specific collaborations
in projects from other organizations
Main Projects

Preparing the Future

Second edition of ‘Preparing the Future’, a summer camp focused on technology and computer language in which young people ages 9 to 12 learn to program, create robots, develop digital skills and bring their most creative ideas to life. The objective is to awaken in them interest in #STEM vocations, while they have fun and play sports in a natural environment like Puig-reig.
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Youth Challenge 

Training and guidance in future decisions

We accompany and train young people at risk of school failure through a volunteer program that aims at reducing school dropout rates and increasing employability. After two editions in Spain, Youth Challenge is currently running in 4 countries. 

Cellnex Bridge

Promote, connect and accelerate those who are keen to make an impact in society

After the success of the first and second edition, the Cellnex Bridge program has looked again for social impact startups that provide solutions to the double challenge of reducing the digital gap and contributing to environmental sustainability.

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Youth Challenge
Juntos construimos nuevas oportunidades

Acompañamos y formamos a jóvenes que provienen de un contexto social difícil con el objetivo de reducir el abandono escolar, orientarles para construir mejor su camino académico y profesional y aumentar su empleabilidad. A través de las distintas actividades buscamos estimular su interés por la formación continua y les ofrecemos una conexión directa con el mundo laboral a través de la formación y la educación en el ámbito de las telecomunicaciones, la innovación y la tecnología.

¿A quién va dirigido?

Trabajamos con estudiantes de educación secundaria acompañándoles en su orientación académica y promoviendo las carreras STEM. Llevamos a cabo programas con alumnos de escuelas técnicas y de Formación Profesional acercándoles la realidad del mundo laboral y abriéndoles paso hacia a nuevas oportunidades. 

¿En qué consiste?

Los programas tienen el objetivo de promover el desarrollo de jóvenes en situación de vulnerabilidad a través de:

  • Feria de carreras en las que los voluntarios comparten con los estudiantes su trayectoria formativa y profesional, mostrándoles distintas trayectorias y oportunidades de futuro.
  • Mentorías individuales para mejorar las competencias personales de los jóvenes
  • Conferencias impartidas por voluntarios de Cellnex sobre temáticas del mundo de las telecomunicaciones con el objetivo de ampliar sus conocimientos, ofrecer una mejora curricular y un acercamiento al trabajo de una empresa tecnológica puntera.
  • Talleres de aprendizaje activo en los que mediante la metodología de learning by doing los alumnos ponen en práctica conocimientos técnicos.
  • Visitas a las oficinas de Cellnex y otros centros de control ofreciendo una experiencia de aprendizaje completa para fomentar el interés por continuar formándose gracias a un mejor conocimiento del mundo laboral. 

La edición 2021-2022 del Youth Challenge se extiende a 3 países, con las siguientes previsiones: 

  • España: 52 actividades*  82 voluntarios corporativos
  • Italia: 23 actividades* más de 30 voluntarios corporativos
  • Francia: 9 actividades* más de 37 voluntarios corporativos
  • Gran Bretaña: Ongoing

*Conferencias, visitas, talleres, Innovation Day o sesiones de orientación y de coaching

Vídeo Edición España (2021-2022)

Vídeo Edición España (2019-2020) 


Youth Challenge
Together we build new opportunities

We accompany and train young people who come from a difficult social context with the aim of reducing school dropout rates, guiding them to better build their academic and professional paths and increasing their employability. By organizing different activities, we focus on stimulating their interest in further education and offering them a direct connection to the job market through training and education in the areas of telecommunications, innovation and technology.

Who is the target group?

We work with secondary school students, accompanying them in their academic orientation and promoting STEM careers. We carry out programs with students from technical and vocational training schools, bringing them closer to the reality of the job market and opening the way to new opportunities.

What does it consist of?

These programs aim to promote the development of young people in vulnerable situations through:

– Career fairs where volunteers share with students their educational and professional path, showing them different options and opportunities for the future.

– Individual mentoring to improve youngsters’ personal skills.

– Conferences given by Cellnex volunteers on telecommunications topics intending to broaden their knowledge and offer a curricular improvement and a closer look at the work of a leading tech company.

– Active learning workshops where students put their technical knowledge into practice through learning by doing methodology.

– Visits to Cellnex premises and other control centres offering a complete learning experience to encourage their interest in continuing their training thanks to a better knowledge of the job market.

The Youth Challenge 2021-2022 edition is deployed in 3 countries, with the following plans: 

  • Spain: 52 activities* and more than 100 corporate volunteers
  • Italy: 23 activities* and more than 30 corporate volunteers
  • France: 9 activities* and more than 37 corporate volunteers


*Conferences, visits, workshops, Innovation Day or mentoring and coaching sessions.

Video Spain Edition (2019-2020)

Vídeo Spain Edition (2021-2022)