Boosting Social Innovation

Bridges that connect to narrow gaps

Cellnex Bridge is an accelerator for startups with a positive impact that serves as a gateway so that no one remains disconnected from an increasingly digitized society. Projects that work to reduce digital, social or territorial gaps through connectivity, or that contribute to environmental sustainability.

Based on the concept of equity, which is about achieving as much equality as possible by compensating for existing gaps, we promote the development of universal meaningful connectivity.

Our goals:

Foster digital capability.
Reduce social inequality.
Promote talent and innovation.
Improve quality of life and sustainability.

We put our technology and knowledge at the service of people to build bridges that bring them closer. Bridges that generate distributed social wealth to continue advancing without leaving anyone behind.


We are working on the third edition of the program. Very soon you will be able to consult all the information

Call for the 2023 program is closed

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What are we looking for?

We want to boost positive impact startups that work on reducing divides that cause unequal opportunities of any kind and on environmental sustainability.

In order to do so, we are looking for innovative projects in which technology and connectivity have a relevant role, and which address existing problems in one of the following areas (although not exclusively):*

– Environmental sustainability

– Smart cities

– Climate change

– Environmental transparency

– Energy

– Pollution

– Smart mobility


– Elderly people

– Caring for people

– Employability

– Rural depopulation

– Education

– Low connectivity

– Protection of vulnerable groups

*If your startup is working on other types of digital or environmental divides, please send us your application so that we can evaluate it.

What compromises are we asking for?

– Have at least one office in Spain

– Have a validated and economically sustainable business model, with a Minimum Viable Product (MPV) already in the market.

– Have a minimum full-time dedicated team.

– Work on the development of a Proof of Concept (PoC) of a technology-based or connectivity-based service/product to address the challenge.

– Be active participants, committed to the programme, sessions and training. The correct follow up of the program involves about 4 hours per week.

What do we offer?

A 8-month systemic impact acceleration program in which we will be active participants during the entire process. The objective will be supporting projects in the definition, execution and measurement of a Proof of Concept that will help developing the project. You will be part of a community of startups, organizations and experts working together to improve the world.

The program includes:

● An exclusive and tailor-made Board of Mentors for each selected startup.

● Periodic individual sessions with the mentors from the Board.

● Monthly theoretical and practical workshops on business and impact related topics.

● Round tables for dialogue and learning on social and environmental topics; workshops for the development of soft skills, and group coaching sessions for personal, individual and collective development.

● Post-training follow-up sessions.

● Knowledge and resources to develop the Proofs of Concept with technological base and connectivity.

● Access to Cellnex technology and expertise required to successfully complete the projects. 

● Access to a private community where you can connect with startups from previous editions and receive additional resources.

● A contribution of €15,000 to develop the Proof of Concept during the program.

Previous editions

The Cellnex Foundation has helped 9 social impact startups successfully boost their business projects during the last two edition of the Cellnex Bridge acceleration program.

Breaches separate, bridges connect.
Would you like to work side by side to build those bridges? Apply now to incorporate your entrepreneurial initiative to our Cellnex Bridge program.
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